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bill.com review

I don’t understand why this company does not provide a call support number. They don’t deliver what they promise, too may error in processing invoices and payment data, Very high fees and the support staff is non-existent in my case. Bill.com is an accounts payable and receivable solution for mid-to-large-sized businesses, but it’s not a good fit for every business. I still Haven’t gotten my money over a month of it saying “paid” & money received a month ago and this company I cant even call.

Bill.com is a terrible company, poor support and service. I contact support since they are just unresponsive and I need my money. Support “contacts” the finance team and instead of asking for what the document is, comes back with “they’ll get back to you”. Sign up for Lab Report to get the latest reviews and top product advice delivered right to your inbox. Set up approval workflows and custom roles to suit your team. When you log in to your Bill.com account for the first time, click the “Connect to Xero” button and enter your Xero credentials. For more information on Bill.com fees and pricing, packages read more in the dedicated section.

Is Bill com owned by Intuit?

He is a fourth-generation entrepreneur and has over 20 years of experience in the finance, software, and payments industries. Prior to Bill.com, René founded PayCycle, the first and largest online payroll solution which was acquired by Intuit in 2009.

Report them to authorities and refuse to use them. Holding money and not immediately transferring it to clients or charging a 1% fee is illegal and is money laundering. Even though the mobile apps are quite capable, I found it easier to work with Bill.com on the desktop. If the document is a bill, you click the Enter Bill button in the lower right corner of the box. A split screen opens with an image of the bill on the left and the site’s own default bill template on the right.

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The apps are attractive and intuitive, requiring little time to learn if you’ve used the browser-based version. Since there’s no one standard bill format in the business world, the app most likely won’t pull in everything needed.

How does Bill com work with QuickBooks?

Bill.com integrates directly with QuickBooks, so all of your activity – like creating a new bill or sending out a payment – automatically syncs. You spend less time on double data entry and hunting for typos, and your books are accurate and up to date.

Responses have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the vendor or bank advertiser. It is not the vendor or bank advertiser’s responsibility to ensure all posts and/or questions are answered. Im not confident in its ability to process all international payments. So work great, and others seem a little challenging. Bill.com is simple, easy to use and user friendly. It makes the review and approval process for expenses go quick and seamlessly.

Best Company Ever

Bill.com is a secure financial platform that is designed to both receive payments on invoices, and to send payments. It can be integrated, at an additional cost, with financial software, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle NetSuite, and QuickBooks. Businesses that want to use the Bill.com platform sign bill.com review up via a monthly subscription. It gets confusing fairly quickly, but first you need to choose whether you want to get paid, pay bills or both. Then, under each scenario there is a choice of two tiers. Merchant Maverick’s ratings are editorial in nature, and are not aggregated from user reviews.

Bill.com is a cloud-based online business payment platform that works with top accounting applications such as QuickBooks, Xero, Intacct and NetSuite. Bill.com is used to manage end-to-end financial workflows and to process payments. The software is suitable for small to medium businesses.

Automatic Bill Approvers

When you enter something in the memo field, the same will appear in the memo line of the check. Once bills have been submitted for payment, all transactions will transfer to the Payments Out screen. After the approver is assigned automatically, they will see the billing on a dedicated page for approvers only. In the approver’s dashboard, they’ll see the invoice number, vendor, account affected, due date, invoice date, and billed amount. On the far right of the screen, they can immediately approve the bill by simply clicking Approve.

bill.com review

This means that they are audited based on a set of industry-controlled criteria regarding, among others, security, integrity of their transaction processing, and confidentiality. Get your money twice as fast with Bill.com’s Accounts Receivable solution. EBizCharge by Century Business Solutions formulated the perfect and most more straightforward payment processing system. Giving clients the peace of mind they deserve by being PCI Compliance, EBizCharge comes with a full suite of features that include ACH Check Transactions, Debit & Credit Card… I saw that there are a bunch of customer service positions open and I don’t know if it’s somewhere that would fairly easy for someone with just 1 year of experience. I need to change where I’m at, but not sure how big of a company is really gonna hire me when I’m so new to things. You can still manage payments in the Payments Out screen.

Bill.com Team

Custom roles and permissions to let people only do those activities and have all payments in and out in one place. Custom roles – In addition to the security Bill.com employs, you also have the ability to restrict who gets access to what data. Bill.com comes standard with five roles , but you can also create custom roles that fit the workflows your company employs. Other platforms allow you to pay on invoices with a CC, via ACH free of fees/charges. If Bill.com would eliminate its fees for using CCs, I see 5 stars in its future.

The accounts receivable product of Bill.com helps businesses to send electronic invoices to their customers and to track their invoice statements and payments. Invoices are automated and users can select the payment option, including ACH, credit card, and PayPal. With accounts receivable, users can send personalized, automated payment reminders and sync their accounts with their accounting software.


Basic features on the old platform are now hidden or missing. The new UI loads slower, doesn’t cache as much relevant data to perform searches across the account, basically slows workflow.

  • When changes are made to transactions, every change will appear in the audit trail.
  • Integrations with popular accounting software, including QuickBooks and Sage Intacct, allow users to auto-sync data.
  • Restaurants gain essential analytics about their restaurant costs.
  • With the mobile app, users can still process bills from vendors and approvers can review submitted bills even if they are away from their desktop.
  • Pricing plans range from $29 to $59 per month per user, with the latter their most popular plan.
  • I selected the vendor I’d created from a drop-down list and added a description and account.

Moreover, you have the option to invite the vendor to set up payments, therefore connect to them and facilitate Bill.com to transfer the money. Bill.com provides ACH payments processing, automates your accounts payable and accounts receivable processes. This product will manage all due dates, allowing you to avoid late payments and take advantage of discounts. All invoices and documents are stored on the Bill.com servers, and can be retrieved at any point in time. Finally, you are able to view your spending and cash-flow at any moment in time. From start to finish this product will help you better plan your payables and receivables, allowing more effective and efficient management of your finances.

Bill.com has profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram. These channels can also be used for any questions, blog posts, or reviews.

bill.com review

Easy audits- We’ve gotten rave reviews from auditors we’ve worked with about Bill.com! The best part is that it has something called the audit trail—this tracks changes to all bills and invoices, who made the change, and at what time. It also tracks all supporting documentation, approvals and payments so the auditors can have everything in one place. Sourcery has an extensive vendor management capability that allows for online ordering. The software is designed for food companies, who often have to modify invoices or issue credit notices because of spoiled food upon delivery. With Sourcery, these changes are seamless and easy. The platform enables rapid communication with vendors so time is not wasted with outdated, manual ordering processes.

I have never seen a company that wastes their time on recruiting just to fire or terminate an employee that is technically new. Management at Bill.com is very poor or deplorable. Also, I would not utilize any of their products too as well because it is not user friendly. Please take extreme caution and be wise and avoid at all costs working here at Bill.com.

  • Several user roles are meticulously predefined for administrators, accountants, clerks, approvers, and others, and you can add more roles if you need them.
  • In the approver’s dashboard, they’ll see the invoice number, vendor, account affected, due date, invoice date, and billed amount.
  • I have never seen a company that wastes their time on recruiting just to fire or terminate an employee that is technically new.
  • The company I work for reimburses us through this company.
  • It also tracks all supporting documentation, approvals and payments so the auditors can have everything in one place.

My company and I have used Bill.com for several years and it was so easy to use and made our vendor payments a breeze, but now it’s just absolutely awful. Nothing is streamlined at all and the way it’s set up now goes against common sense because the flow is just terrible. Also, I can’t see if a vendor check or ePayment has cleared at a glance in the payment tab since I have to click open the actual payment for this info now. There’s so much wasted space where https://www.bookstime.com/ the vendor details used to be when you open a vendor profile. There are just 3 unhelpful lines of vendor info and 90% empty white space which takes up half my viewing screen. When I edit the vendor details, the country of residence is at a section on top instead of being grouped with the address section. When I try to set a vendor up for ePayment, I no longer have the option of finding them by their name+email, now it’s only by their Vendor display name.

Compared to other invoicing software solutions on the market, Bill.com falls a bit short. The lack of invoice customizations — as well as no estimates, time tracking, items lists, and project management — means this software isn’t going to be a good fit for just any business. Because of this, we do not recommend that you use Bill.com solely as an invoicing tool. That said, if you need accounts payable software, we highly recommend Bill.com. The software is also ideal if you want a combined accounts payable and receivable solution that integrates directly with your accounting software.

If your vendors are also using Bill.com, it’ll be easier for them to track their invoices with invoice statuses. In our Bill.com review, we also explored the possibilities of integrating Bill.com with QuickBooks Online and Xero. It can help you organize your billings and process payments from within the app. The user interface is also neat and easy to use even for small business owners. However, we don’t like the limitations of Bill.com’s A/R functions. You can only maximize its features if your customers are also using Bill.com.

We like the flexibility of the platform, as it supports payments via a number of methods. This includes options such as paying vendors with a credit card, cost effective international payments, and the popular ACH that allows payments to move faster. Bill.com offers four pricing plans for businesses and one plan for accountants. For the two smallest pricing plans, you have to choose between either managing your accounts payable or your accounts receivable. I implemented Bill.com in the past at my old company, PO didn’t sync to Bill.com constantly from our ERP system, so bills can’t be paid out of Bill.com for all POs. Now I am with my new company, they are using Bill.com as well, again, the bills are not syncing back to our ERP since Jan 2022, I mean no bills can be posted to our ERP system.

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